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About Me

Hi there. My name is April Guerrini. My passion for wedding planning started from a very young age when I use to throw weddings and parties for my teddies. I’ve always dreamt of planning weddings as a career. I have planned multiple events over the years for friends and family including my own wedding in June 2022 (meant to be 2020). When covid hit, it really put a strain on us all, and planning a wedding in the middle of it all was a difficult task, especially when having to change your date 3 times with all your suppliers. It was a difficult task but it all worked out well in the end and we had the most wonderful day. Well worth the wait. I have a Regent Academy Diploma in Wedding and Event Planning which has enabled me to understand more in depth of the ins and outs of planning these types of events. I am very dedicated and organised and always put my clients first.

Mr & Mrs Guerrini
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