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Baby Shower 01/04/23

Project type

Baby shower




Yaxham, Dereham

This baby shower was for my sister. The gender of the baby was unknown so the colour theme green was chosen. Everything was bought online/party shops and made by hand. The cake was chosen by the mummy and daddy's 3 year old child from a selection of choices so was a surprise the the parents to be. The day involved a small buffet of finger food and a selection of games.
We first played 'what's in the nappy. This was 6 nappies filled with melted chocolate bars and the guests had to smell/taste the chocolates the figure out what the chocolate bars were. And the mummy to be was the winner with 5 correct answers.
The next game was 'Family Fued, Baby shower edition' this game split the guests into two teams who went head to head to correctly answer as many baby themed questions as possible. This was a very funny game which got everyone involved and laughing.
The day ended in the mummy and daddy to be cutting their cake. The whole event was enjoyed by every guest and i would consider that a success.

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